Kpop Twitters – A Year in Review (Jul – Dec)

Here’s the second half of our Kpop tweets featuring, highlighting some of the best tweets from our favourite kpop celebrities over 2013.

Did you have a favourite tweet that you want to add to the list? Commen below and we’ll add it!


July 2013

SISTAR’s Bora takes a snap with Hugh Jackman.


Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi
Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi creates his new Twitter account, “I don’t know how to use this yetㅠㅠ”

You can find him here

KARA’s Jiyoung
KARA’s Jiyoung deletes her Twitter account, signing off with the message:
“Bye bye Twitter look forward to Instagram~ ByeBye!!”

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August 2013

2NE1’s Dara
2NE1’s Dara reaches the million mile marker of followers.


Lee Kwang Soo
Lee Kwang Soo leaves a short message checking up on friend Song Joong Ki who is currently in military service.

Miss A’s Suzy, 2PM’s Wooyoung, and Park Jin Young in a picture together with the caption, “At Jin Young-hyung’s CIROC Party.”

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September 2013

JYP/Park Jin Young/ J.Y. Park announces his engagement to a non-celeb woman.

Following the announcement a flood of messages came in from JYP artists.

2PM‘s Hwang Chan Sung tweeted, “Hyung, congratulations for real! And you said the greatest of these is love hehe.”

2PM’s Taecyeon tweeted, “Hyung, I truly congratulate you~~ Be happy~~”

2AM‘s Jo Kwon tweeted, “Daebak… Hyung, I sincerely congratulate you!”

2AM’s Chang Min tweeted, “Wow!! Brother daebak!! Hyung, congratulations!”

Wonder Girls‘ Ye Eun tweeted, “Ah congratulations!! Finally!! Love truly is the greatest of these.”

Park Ji Min tweeted, “PD-nim, congratulations! God bless you.”

Baek Ah Yeon tweeted, “PD-nim congratulations! I’ll pray for you.”

Actor Lee Jung Jin tweeted, “Oho, congratulations! You’re awesome.”

Super Junior‘s Yesung
Super Junior‘s Yesung makes a surprising appearance in a few snaps. “Our mom who keeps on disturbing(?) us while we are taking pictures heh.”

Super Junior-Yesung

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October 2013

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul
Kim Heechul rejoins Twitter with 100,000 followers in the first week.


KARA’s Nicole
Nicole addresses some of the rumours surrounding her contract ending with DSP Media.

Super Junior and EXO
Two of SM Entertainment’s biggest boy groups have a dinner together, “I should buy these kids food more often, I should eat a lot too. (EunHae + EXO)”


Epik High
Epik High celebrate their 10 year anniversary with a video message to fans.

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November 2013

Girls Generation’s Seohyun
Seohyun becomes the latest k-pop celeb to open her own Twitter account. @sjhsjh0628.


Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Twitter gets hacked twice in one month, but three times in a year.

Big Bang’s Seungri reaches 1 million followers.

B2ST’s Junhyung
Junhyung reaches 1 million followers on TWitter.

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December 2013

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun goes on TWitter to deny claims that he is connected to SMRookies member Seulgi – “Haa~ I had to log into Twitter. That’s not the right title for the article! She’s not ‘my girl!’ I’m just a regular sunbae wishing for all the best! Anyway, SMRookies? Seulgi, Jeno, Taeyong, I hope that you all become the romance of all, not just one. Hoping for a warm ending keke”.

2013 SBS Gayo Daejun
Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Lee Hyori take to Twitter to express their displeasure at the camera work during the show.

GD saying, “Ca…me..ra..” and Hyori saying, “And the camera, um… …thanks.”

PSY shows off G-Dragon’s torn pants during a excited performance.


F.T. Island’s Hongki
F.T. Island’s Hongki reaches 1 million followers on Twitter.

2PM’s Nichkhun
Nichkhun gets a kiss from his sister for Christmas.

Nickhun 2PM

Kangta reveals that he will be making a comeback to the music scene, “I will be returning to the stage with a new song very soon~ Work mode start!!!”.

U-KISS member Hoon was involved in a car accident, causing fans to be worried. He later tweeted, “I’m sorry for causing everyone to worry. I am really fine.”


K-Pop Concerts

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