Kim HyungJun Reprimands Juniors Lack Of Respect

SS501’s makane Kim HyungJun has recently been busy with his solo promotions of his Escape album whilst continuing his duties as the DJ of  SBS’s Music High. However he recently took to twitter to express his disappointment with juniors who have been failing to greet their seniors in an appropriate way.

On the 11th of October he tweeted “These days, I’ve been noticing that the dongsaengs have been slyly trying to avoid bowing. I was so mad today while at Mok-dong. Dongsaengs, please don’t get caught in front of me again.”

Although it seems like not a big deal to western audiences but in the east showing respect is extremely important. This is mainly shown in  bowing to seniors who are older then you and have been in the industry longer then you.


So do you guys think he has a right to be dissappointed?


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