Sujin’s Top 5 Kpop artists

Here are my personal top 5 Kpop artists, what do you think of them?1.  권보아 (Kwon Bo a), Stage name: BoA/보아 Literally known as ‘Best of Asia’ or ‘Best of All’

BoA is probably one of the most inspirational Korean Artists I have ever known, not only does she have an amazing voice, she is also fluent in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and English.

BoA debuted 2000 August 25th, when she was 13 (Western Age)!
If you are familiar with the Anime ‘Inuyasha’ you should know her for the the movie ending song ‘Every Heart’  This was the first sing I had ever heard by a Korean Artist, however since it was in Japanese I did not realise BoA was Korean until a year later when I got into Kpop.

BoA is also one of the few Korean artists to have had an American debut, unfortunately her American debut didn’t go so well, I for one love her English songs although I’m usually not a fan of English Kpop songs.

2. 권지용 (Kwon Ji Yong), Stage name: G Dragon/지드래곤.  Ji Yong translates to G Dragon!

GD is the reason I got into Kpop, As soon as i heard BIGBANG I fell in love with Kpop. GD isn’t just my Top Male Artist because of his beautiful voice, attractiveness, or leadership. The main reason I love G dragon is because he never really gave up, GD had been training for years and did not debut until he was 18, his career had started when he was 8. Although he vowed he would not go into the music industry again after his first contract ended, he soon became a trainee for SM (for 5 years) and at the age of 14 joined YG.

As for those who think Ji Yong can not sing without auto-tune, check out his live version of heartbreaker!

3.빅뱅  (BigBang).

It goes without saying, Bigbang are my favourite band in the world! Without Bigbang I probably wouldn’t have been into Kpop. The 5 member group debuted 2006 august 19th, Personally their older songs are my favourite, I do love their new songs, but I also miss the Hip-Hop side of Bigbang/YG. BB also have songs in Japanese and English!

This is one of my all time favourite Kpop songs, La La La…

4.박재범 (Park Jaebeom) Stage name: 재박/Jay Park. AOM Crew, Previously a member of 2pm.

Jay Park is my favourite American-Korean, He is one of the few artists I really like to hear English songs/English versions from.

Jay Park is more interactive with his fans than any other artist, he uploads his own covers and even messages to fans with free styles, He could soon be producing a mix tape!

5. 투애니원/2NE1. Pronounced 21/To Anyone/2 n e 1.

(The Best) 4 member girl group have proven that they can do a wide range of genre’s including Rock, R’n’B and Hip-Hop. Get ready for their American debut, which is being produced by Will.I.Am!


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