KBS Has A Special Date With Robert Downey Junior On ‘Entertainment Weekly’

Robert Downey Junior

With the release of ‘Iron Man 3’, Robert Downey Junior has embarked on a tour across the world. The tour kicked off on his birthday, the first date being held in Korea. KBS was able to hold a special interview with the actor on ‘Entertainment Weekly’. Watch the interview, with English subtitles, below:


In the interview, Robert is able to answer questions the same charisma ‘Iron Man’ fans are able to see on screen, as he coolly says ‘I can walk’ when talking about injuring himself whilst doing stunts.

The actor also expressed what he thought had changed since the last time he visited Korea, which was 5 years ago. He mentioned how the entertainers of Korea were crossing the borders, using PSY as an example, and also how the Western world were now replicating some of the films produced by Korean filmmakers.

The clip also included footage from his ‘Iron Man 3’ event in Korea, revealing the great fan service provided by Robert Downey Junior. KBS also presented the actor with a gift, which surprised him as it was a baby carrier, popular amongst mothers in Korea. The interviewer then instructed him on how to use it. Robert Downey Junior accepts the gift gratefully, even making the joke that he could now ‘literally go running’ with his son.

Afterwards, the interviewer tells Robert that there is an entertainer in Korea who often claims he resembles Iron Man. It turns out the entertainer is in fact Noh Hong Chul! Most known as the ‘Elevator Guy’ from PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ music video. The actor acknowledges the resemblance, stating that Noh Hong Chul has a great moustache.

To conclude the interview, the interviewer finally asks Robert if he has anything he wants to learn how to say in Korean. The phrase he learns is ‘Awesome’, and he immediately puts the phrase into use.

‘Iron Man 3’ is set to be released in the UK soon! Will you be going to see it?




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