JYJ′s Junsu Practises With Orchestra For Upcoming Concert

JYJ’s Junsu recetly released a photo showing him practising with a full live orchestra including strings, including violins and cellos, and a band, brass players and his backup singers.

C-JeS Entertainment, Junsu’s agency, told enews, “Kim Junsu is currently practicing for his year-end concert. Because all songs will be sung live, he often talks with the music director and is busy with preparations.”

A rep who had sat through the practise session with Junsu commented through C-JeS Entertainment, “Each instrument comes together as one to form a deep resonance, and Kim Junsu′s superb voice adds to the perfect harmony. Kim Junsu expressed the lyrics and melody beautifully like he was an instrument himself all throughout practice. If Kim Junsu′s solo concert held in May showed how he had evolved as an idol singer, his upcoming concert will show the musician Kim Junsu′s passion and sincerity toward music.”

JYJ’s Junsu said, “The live orchestra adds more meaning to my vocals, and the pop chorus and vocal chorus have been breathing life into each song as they fill it with rhythm and sound. I′m looking forward to the performance because I believe I′ll be able to deliver a specially moving concert with a splendid harmony.”

An official said about songs to be played in the concert, “Including the songs released with the cue sheet three weeks ago, there are many unexpected song choices awaiting, including surprise performances. Fans will also be able to hear Kim Junsu sing for the first time his recent digital single Thank U For and the popular Love Is Like Snow.

All 21,000 tickets for Junsu’s 2012 Xia Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra from 29-31 have been sold out.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment


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