Junsu Throws A Mansion Party in “Incredible” MV ft. Quincy

Xiah Junsu - Incredible


After wowing fans with his emotional performance in   “11 AM” ,  Xiah Junsu turns things around with this latest follow up!

Released on July 15th, Junsu‘s “Incredible” music video features the singer as he hosts a crazy summer bash at his mansion.  The video primarily focuses on Junsu and his dancing skills but many fans have commented on  the short clips of Junsu on a bed with a woman.  While some felt the scenes were suggestive, others stood up him stating that he was breaking out of the conservative aspects of Korean media to appeal to the international audience.

Incredible” in the upbeat, pop title track that features P.Diddy‘s son, Quincy, as a rapper.  Junsu‘s second album Incredible  (which includes “11 AM” is currently available on Melon!

Check out the music video below!

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