Jun Hyosung Teases Fans with “Good-night Kiss” Teaser

Hyosung - Good-Night Kiss 1


After announcing her solo debut, Secret’s Jun Hyosung released her teaser for her debut track, “Good-night Kiss”.

The teaser is classy and alluring as Hyosung shows off her charm and grabs the attention of the male lead, almost sharing a kiss. The video also includes a snippet of the powerful and sexy choreography.

This being her first activity as a solo artist, Hyosung aims to take on a new concept and image that has yet to be seen with Secret.

Hyosung will be releasing her first single, TOP SECRET, on May 12. The single will include three tracks, including “Good-night Kiss”, which is the artistic work of renowned producer Duble Sidekick.

Check out the teaser, below!

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