Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain and Actor Joo Ji Hoon Reveal Relationship!

Gain & Joo Ji Hoon


Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain and Joo Ji Hoon just went public with their relationship!

The news surface following Sports Seoul released photos photos of the two on a date.  It was later confirmed by both parties’ companies, A Pop Entertainment and Key East Entertainment, that the two have been dating for about a month.

Joo Ji Hoon starred as the male lead in Gain’s provocative music video “Fxxk U”.  The intimate scenes in the video caused a stir with the fans.  The two did not start dating until after it was filmed. Ji Hoon and Gain have known each other for years and have been very close friends up until this point.

Let’s wish the happy couple the best!

Gain & Joo Ji Hoon 1

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