Jo Kwon removes all tweets regarding the passing of Junsu’s father

2AM’s Jo Kwon, recently talked about comments on his Twitter made about the passing of Jun Su’s father.

“My heart breaks for Junsu hyung whom I have known for a long time. Everyone please pray for Junsu and his father.”

He added,

“As time passes, we often experience times of hardship. As I have always felt before, I have once again learned to be thankful. Please enjoy a great Lunar New Years with your parents. And also, be thankful for this moment.”

The second part of the comment was the centre of controversy for many Hottests fans, feeling that it was a bit insensitive especially because of the timing.

On January 22, Jo Kwon responded to fans after discovering the controversy that he may have caused.

“It has just come to my attention that my Tweet has become a controversy among fans. I have reread my post to see how it could have become misinterpreted by Hottests. The thankfulness I’m referring to in my tweet was written with those precious people in mind, who have always been there whenever hard situations like this arise.”

How, and why, would I have put those words up with malicious intentions? I was suprised almost to the point of being scared by the harsh comments.”

Jo Kwon has deleted all comments related to the death of Jun Su’s father.

Source & Image: OSEN


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