Jackson Wang’s “Different Game” ft. Gucci Mane Sets Sights on the Global Market

Jackson Wang is back with another banger!

Following the release of GOT7’s newest comeback track “Lullaby,” Jackson continued his solo artist promotions with the release of his newest song, “Different Game.” “Different Game”  is a fast-paced, all English hip-hop track that features American rapper Gucci Mane.

The lyrics for “Different Game” emphasizes Jackson’s confidence in taking on new challenges as he aims for the global music market. In the chorus Jackson raps, “You can try and stop me but I’m on a different game.“ With the success of his solo releases – “Papillon,” “Okay,” Dawn of Us,” and “Fendiman”- Jackson has his sights set on showing the world what exactly he can do (and more).

Just as the collaboration brings these two rappers from the East and West together, the music video also depicts the crossing of the two cultures. Chinese cultural references are made throughout the video with the Chinese characters for “China” (中国) appearing throughout the video on the cargo container, Jackson’s jacket, necklaces, and more.

The music video shows Jackson’s venture from the Chinese market to entering the global market. The music video opens up with the Shanghai skyline and the city’s bustling nightlife, resembling that of New York City’s. Jackson is shown riding inside a cargo container that’s labelled as “China (中国).” Inside are more references to Chinese culture: paper lanterns, a Chinese wall scroll, and Jackson wearing a yellow and black silk robe. As the video progresses, Jackson’s cargo container arrives at a shipping yard. As he steps out, he’s met with a group of Westerners who stand by him. Towards the end, Jackson and Gucci Mane are shown stepping off of a private jet at (presumably) the US. The song and the music video go hand in hand to illustrate Jackson’s intentions to successfully enter the global music market while staying true to his cultural roots.

Jackson’s huge presence in music, culture, and fashion is grabbing the public’s eye and we’re looking forward to seeing him break out on the US music charts!  Keep an eye out for more of Jackson’s solo music coming out this year and 2019.

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