INTERVIEW: Dalsooobin Talks “Katchup” Comeback MV Shoot, SoCal Adventures, and more

Since her debut as a member of Dal Shabet in 2011, Subin (who now goes by the moniker Dalsooobin) has been expanding her career as a singer-songwriter and composer by writing hit songs for both the group and her solo act. She is credited for composing the melodies, writing the lyrics, and producing all the tracks on Dal Shabet’s eighth mini-album, “Joker is Alive.” Her ever growing passion for music propelled her career as a solo artist where she continues to write, compose, and produce all of her songs on her single album Flower and her EP “Circle’s Dream.”

Now, Dalsooobin is ready to greet her fans once again with a new single! In our interview, she discusses her “Katchup” comeback and music video shoot, her SoCal adventures, and her approach to music as a solo artist.

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KPC: You just wrapped up your music video filming here in California! What can fans expect from your new music and your long awaited comeback to the music scene?

Dalsooobin: Just how you can use ketchup as a kind of magic sauce to make tasteless food taste good, my new song is a pop track that talks about me wanting to “catch up” (S/N: catch up = ketchup) to someone who doesn’t have any feelings for me. I paid a lot of attention to my choice of fashion and location in order to portray the confident, LA woman.

KPC: Were there any funny or interesting moments while filming?

Dalsooobin: I filmed the last scene of my MV at Corona del Mar State Beach. Throughout the filming, I was only focused on my emotions and the camera that was filming me, but after reviewing the footage at the end, I saw that there was a piece of seaweed wrapped around my feet like ankle boots. Everyone told me, “You must be warm.” [laughs]

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KPC: You’ve been in LA for quite some time. What were some of your favorite spots that you visited?

Dalsooobin: There are so many. (Newport Beach, the dreamy Sunken City Beach, the hidden Carpinteria State Beach and train tracks, Napoli and Naples Beach, the Venice Canals, Downtown, etc.) There were so many pretty locations, but the most memorable for me was Santa Barbara. From the European culture in Solvang, to the place that looks like a scene out of an animation movie, Nojoqui Falls, and the wineries that let me experience the familial Californian culture…all of these locations seemed like scenes out of a movie.

KPC: You attended your first ever KCON here in LA and performed in front of your LA fans at the KCON convention stage. What was your overall KCON experience like? How does it feel to see so many different types of people come together thanks to K-Pop and Hallyu?

Dalsooobin: I had always heard that KCON brings together fans from all around the world. This year was my first time attending KCON, and I met fans that have been supporting me since I was in Dal Shabet, and I felt like I was communicating with fans from so many different places, so I was happy and amazed.

KPC: During your KCON performance and meet and greet, your fans held up customized banners made by your longtime supporters from Dalshabet Global. What was your initial reaction upon seeing the fan project?

Dalsooobin: When I was doing the sound check on stage, I saw the fans holding something, and I thought it was just a pamphlet they got from KCON. But before my performance, I looked again and it turned out to be a banner just for me. I was so touched, and I was really excited throughout the performance. The white banners looked like a field of flowers. I was so so touched and thankful. This made it a performance that I don’t think I will ever be able to forget.

KPC: You’re heavily involved in the music production of not only your songs but also Dal Shabet’s. How do you approach songwriting and composing for the group versus yourself?

Dalsooobin: When writing songs for Dal Shabet, I had to think about writing something that the general public can enjoy, so I had to focus more on thinking about what the general public would like as opposed to the kind of music that I, personally, wanted to make. I had to think about Dal Shabet’s musicality, parts to show off each member’s charms, a hook melody line that was easy for fans to sing along to, the song’s concept, stage outfits, etc., which was really difficult. In comparison, writing songs for myself allows me to focus solely on expressing my own self, so I think I am a bit more at ease.

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KPC: Were there any challenges that you encountered when writing and producing songs for your solo work that you did/did not have when writing and composing songs for Dal Shabet?

Dalsooobin: It was difficult to figure out the future path of ‘Subin’. In addition to making good music, I had to think about fashion, performance, SNS marketing, etc. to make sure I was able to effectively convey the song. It was challenging, but fun.

KPC: The idol life can be very demanding and exhausting. How do you relax and unwind after a stressful day?

Dalsooobin: When I promote as an idol, I don’t really have time to go out and do anything, so I unwind by listening to lyrical, new-age music, and then switch to hard rock. But nowadays, I like to take walks while listening to this music. Music is all I need to relieve my stress.

KPC: Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for those who are aspiring to follow your path and become K-Pop star?

Dalsooobin: When you aspire to be a K-Pop star, you have to study about what the general public likes, and you have to work really hard to give the general public what they want. Because of this, you might lose sight of what you really love. You need to do things to ensure you don’t lose your true self. This could include just talking with your family, or picking up some hobbies.. I think what the fans want most is for their singers to be physically and mentally healthy!!

KPC: Thank you for taking out the time to speak with us. Do you have any final message that you would like to send to your fans?

Dalsooobin: I want my fans to know that I wouldn’t be here without them. I hope all of my fans will be happy and healthy. I will continue to work hard to bring my fans happiness, so please continue to support me. I love you guys!

This interview has been update to reflect Subin’s new moniker, Dalsooobin.

Special thanks to Dalsooobin and SubKulture Entertainment for this opportunity!

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