Information about EXO and Girl’s Generation gets leaked

Recently, SM Entertainment held a conference inviting 70 song writers and composers in China to select a few to work on EXO’s album.

Some of the attendees accidentally leaked information about the bands and their debut and also about Girl’s Generation.

One composer tweeted saying “EXO-M have 6 members, 4 of them are Chinese, 2 of them are Korean. And they will use Chinese song to debut. Also, SNSD will have international project!” There have been rumours going round recently about EXO, one being that EXO’s Kai will be part of EXO-M instead of EXO-K and that the teasers that have been released so far are of EXO-M members. If the statement by the composer is true then it more or less confirms the rumour.

Another attendee talked about the aim of the conference and how SM Entertainment wanted to choose writers and composers for 2 projects; Girl’s Generation’s single and also EXO.

The composers are aware of the fact that they may be sued by SM Entertainment and so, there are chances of things being changed around but this seems to be how things stand at the moment.


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