Infinite’s ‘Man In Love’ Music Video has been released!

Infinite's MV of Man In Love


The music video for Infinite’s ‘Man in Love’ has just been revealed after several days of teasers being released, featuring each member of the band! The scenery in the music video is bright and colorful, drawing any viewer in. And features each member swooning over their newfound love.

Their new album called “New Challenge” and features Woo Hyun’s first self-composed song entitled ‘Beautiful’, as well as  Sung Kyu’s ’60 seconds’. It’s a comeback that no one should miss! Many fans are ecstatic about the new comeback, writing comments such as, “The song is really nice! I can listen to it all day!”, “This was the best thing ever” and “WOW. WOOLLIM. THIS IS TOO MUCH. I CAN’T HANDLE THIS.”

Check out their music video below!




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