INFINITE Release ‘Last Romeo’ MV


Having been busy touring all over the world, INFINITE is finally coming back, releasing a music video for new title track ‘Last Romeo’! Have you been anticipating their new album? Watch the music video below:

In true INFINITE-style, the group are looking charismatic as ever, both in their sharp white suit and powerful black rocker looks, with knife-like choreography that has been their trademark since debut.

Member Woohyun becomes the star of the video, reaching for the mysterious female lead throughout. Rather than the plot, however, the video focuses a lot more on the members’ dance moves. Nonethless, the video comes to a climax as turmoil is created with Woohyun’s frustration from not being able to reach the female lead, the place being torn apart before Woohyun begins to fall through smoky clouds.

With such complex yet beautiful choreography, INFINITE’s live comeback stages will definitely be something to look forward to.




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