“Infinite is great” says SNSD’s Taeyeon

SNSD’s Taeyeon has admitted that she is interested in Infinite.

On a guest appearance on SBS PowerFM 107.7MHz Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time on the 7th, SNSD were asked by host Choi Hwa Jung if they were interested in any boy groups.

Taeyeon answered, “I think Infinite is great. I like that they are always doing their best.” Choi asked, “Then what about the second best group?” and Taeyeon answering, “Can I say Infinite again?”

Choi asked, “You came back after a long break. Don’t the new idol groups feel uncomfortable around you?” and SNSD said, “Actually many new idol groups feel uncomfortable around us. So they say hello in a loud voice, bowing low to us.”

Choi again asked, “Then why don’t you receive their bow friendly?” and Sunny answered, “Actually we debuted only 4 years ago, so I think it is right to say hello together than receiving their bow.”

SNSD recently topped all charts in Korea with their 3rd album and newest album “The Boys”.


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