Idol Average Faces

Recently the trend of combining photos of every member of a group to get the average face has resurfaced. I remember it happening earlier in the year, but it seems to have spread like wildfire again and now every group I can think of has one. Below are some examples of this phenomenon.

On the top row from the left is 2PM, JYJ, SHINee, MBLAQ, and on the bottom row from the left is BEAST, Infinite, U-KISS and B1A4’s looks. B1A4’s is also the big picture above the littler ones ^_^ You can make out Baro’s thick eyebrows keke.

It’s easier to make out some members than others in the average faces, like I can see Wooyoung in 2PM’s really easily, and Minho and Taemin in SHINee’s. Yoochun and Jaejoong in JYJ’s is more prominent to me than Junsu, which is sad, because Junsu is my bias XD MBLAQ’s is the only odd one for me, might be the hair that threw me though…

Of course it’s not just the male idol group’s that have got this treatment.

On the left column, from top to bottom, SNSD, f(x), After School, 2NE1 And in the right column we have from top to bottom, Wonder Girls, KARA, SM’s Representative ??, T-ara. (I don’t know what the JYJ is doing there…) I’m kind of disappointed at the lack of 4minute here, so I went on a hunt.

There are 4 slightly different versions in total, which can be found here :D



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