Huh Gak’s ‘The Person That Loved Me’ MV + Mini Album Released

Huh Gak recently dropped both his latest mini album, ‘LACRIMOSO’, and the music video for ‘The Person That Loved Me’.

Watch the music video below:

The music video is definitely an emotional addition to his equally touching music videos for ‘Hello’ and ‘I Told You I Want To Die’, which both garnered much attention for featuring Kang Sora and BEAST’s Yong Junhyung. Starring in Huh Gak’s video this time however, are none other than Ahn Yong Joon, and A Pink’s Naeun. The music video follows the story of a sweet couple; Naeun and Yong Joon. However, Naeun falls ill and slowly, Yong Joon dissolves from her memories to the point of no recollection, despite the loving scrap book made by Yong Joon.


In addition to the music video, his mini album ‘LACRIMOSO’ was dropped. Listen to the tracks below:


2. 나를 사랑했던 사람아

3. 손목일 쥔다

4. 사랑 사랑 사랑

5. 죽고 싶단 말 밖에

6. 나를 사랑했던 사람아 (Inst.)

‘LACRIMOSO’ is definitely a mini album for ballad lovers with Huh Gak’s amazing vocals.


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