Hip Hop Duo Crispi Crunch in Minor Car Accident Due to Ice

Hip hop duo Crispi Crunch were involved in a car accident earlier this month.

Although the information was only revealed a short while ago, the accident was reported to have occurred on December 6 when their van that they were travelling in slipped on the icy road and collided with a crash barrier.

Crispi Crunch were fine following the incident and requested not to be taken to hospital, but a few days after began to experience some pain and were admitted to hospital in Gangnam for tests and treatment.

Crispi Crunch’s agency said, “At the time of the accident, the members were so shocked they thought there weren’t any injuries they had suffered to their bodies but this was a mistake. They suddenly found their necks stiffening and other things that weren’t right with their bodies leading to them being admitted to a hospital.”


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