Hi.ni Covers BEAST Yoseob’s ‘Caffeine’


Rookie soloist Hi.ni, who recently returned with second digital single ‘Legend of Tears’, has uploaded a cover of ‘Caffeine’, another recent hit by BEAST’s main vocalist Yang Yoseob, who just finished solo promotions with the track. Watch the cover below:


The video includes a short introduction from Hi.ni, before she jumps into the cover, accompanied by a pianist, and also someone else on the melodica. Hi.ni’s rendition of ‘Caffeine’ a lot jazzier and softer than Yoseob’s original, sounding perfect for a warm and cozy performance in a cafe.

Hi.ni has also previously covered several other songs, including Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’, and Adele’s ‘Love Song’.

What did you think of Hi.ni’s cover of ‘Caffeine’?




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