Hallyu Wave Reaches 9.3 Million Fans Worldwide

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A recent report from the Korea Foundation on K-pop found that the number of k-pop fans across the world has reach 9.3 million by the end of 2013.

The report titled, ‘Global Hallyu Data 2013’, was compiled with the co-operation of Korean embassies and consulates in 98 countries.

The overall number of K-Pop fans reached 9.3 million which is a 39% increase over the 2012 figure of 6.7 million fans. Fan clubs grew close to 1000 an increase of 217 clubs in the past 12 months.

UK Shinee fans showing their love and support
UK Shinee fans showing their love and support

Asia and Oceania are leading the k-pop fanbase with 6.8 million fans, followed by North America with 1.25 million, Europe with 1.17 million and Africa/Middle East with 60,000.

For fan clubs North America has the highest number with 464 followed by Asia/Oceania with 234, Europe with 213 and Africa/Middle East with 76.

The regions that are growing the fastest number of k-pop fans are Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Israel.

The Korea foundation commented on the results, “Fan clubs mostly focus on K-Pop. Some of them are really active enough to organize K-Pop cover dance competitions on their own, But, what is noteworthy is that there are social clubs that study other parts of Korean culture, like food and touring.”


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