Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Under Fire From International Fans

A video from 2 years ago of Girls Generation’s Yuri has recently resurfaced.

The video clip in question is when Yuri was a member on KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth”. During the filming of the shows she would regularly exaggerate English phrases like “You die” to represent language used by a foreigner.

The short clip has begun to enrage some international fans, as the awareness of k-pop spreads, who have taken it to be a form of racial discrimination.

But where some fans are left hurt by the video, others are confused as to why it is causing such a stir.

Local netizens commented, “I saw the video, but I don’t know…” I understand why foreigners may be upset, but she was just trying to be funny,” “It’s harmless,” “Why is this becoming an issue now?” “I don’t think she was trying to do an impersonation of a black man,”


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  1. Now seriously … this isn’t that much big a deal, i don’t think there is even one person on this planet that didn’t impersonate another person, just for fun maybe doesn’t really matter who.Just because she is a singer/idol/more known does that mean that she is racist or anything? … come on think out of the box a little people please. As for the words she said just watch ANY american movie and you will see that in the majority movies they are making afro-americans look bad ass :) is it really a crime to have a little fun ? it’s not like she said something insensitive or rude. If i am wrong i apologies but i simply don’t think this is such a big problem. And on another note i am wondering why is it becoming and issue now after 2 years(i think). Hope i didn’t say anything offensive ..

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