Girl’s Generation Seohyun Got Blacklisted in America

'Girls' Generation' Seo Hyun tells that she got on a black list in the US

Seohyun told that she got blacklisted in America because of the cherry tomatoes.

On January 23rd, Girl’s Generation members appeared as guest stars on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’, and Kyuhyun told about an incident that happened at an airport in America.

Kyuhyun said, “We were at oversea once, and Seohyun had to pay 300,000KRW of fine after getting caught at the customs. The main reason were cherry tomatoes.”

Seohyun explained, “I brought it to have it in the airplane, so I did not claim that I had food in my bag since I was going to have it in the airplane. Later on, I just forgot about the matter.”

However, a dog smelled the tomatoes, and the personnel asked her why she lied.

Seohyun could not explain everything because she was so bewildered, and she was blacklisted. Then, she was told that she had to get her luggage checked every time she went to America.

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