GD’s “Who you” MV, filmed with fans is released!


Big Bang youtube channel has recently released a music video for “Who you?” from GD’s 2nd album COUP D’ETAT. This MV was made by G-DRAGON and the personal recordings of 1,000 of his fans!

Unlike his other MVs, this MV was set out to have a live performance feel as the set was a glass box inside which GD strolled around and performed while being surrounded by his fans who were standing outside of the box and cheering. The set theme seem to be simple bright white background with edgy song lyrics related vandalism and fancy props such as a white piano, a couple of his stage outfits, etc. and of course his luxury car in which he left the set at the end of the music video.

Check out the music video below and let us know what you think.



Source: Bigbang youtube channel


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