Gangnam Style Gets Turned Into A Flipbook Animation

Psy Gangnam Style

It seems the sensation surrounding PSY’s summer hit from last year, ‘Gangnam’ Style’, has yet to die down! Since the track was released, we’ve seen several types of parodies, animations and memes, using both the track and the music video as inspiration. But have you seen the music video in flipbook animation form? Now you can! Watch below:


The animation was created by YouTube user Etoilec1, as credited on the plane banner at the very beginning of the music video. The video originally on the user’s channel, however, had the audio removed due to copyright issues, which is why we’ve given an alternative video to watch it from.

The pages of the flipbook are drawn with amazing detail and vibrant colours, and animates smoothly, the only gaps occurring as each flipbook runs out of pages.

Did you enjoy the animation?




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