G-Dragon, Hyorin and Hyosung Express Their Concern For Ship Victims

G-Dragon was one of many kpop celebs to express their concern for the victims of the capsized ship in Korea that was headed to Jeju Island.

Dozens of events and shows were cancelled in the aftermath of the ferry disaster.

SISTAR’s Hyorin tweeted, “I am sincerely praying for the safe return of the Jindo passenger ship’s missing people.” NS Yoon-G wrote on her own Twitter, “Ah, please everybody, return safely. Please rescue them quickly.”

Joo Won tweeted “Praying! Praying!” and Park Suh Joon, “Please, please, please let there be a miracle” as they took to Twitter to support the search effort.

Hyosung messaged out, “”I hope they return safely. It hurts my heart so much that all I can do is pray.”


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