G-Dragon accuses Amuro Namie of Plagiarising

J-pop queen Amuro Namie is facing accusations from Big Bang’s lead singer G-Dragon for plagiarising a song.

According to reports from Japanese media from November 9th, “There are suspicions of Amuro Namie’s new song “Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!”, set for a December 7th release, having been plagiarized off of G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” song. Two years ago, G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” was also accused of plagiarizing a song by US hip hop artist Florida.”

However Namie has faced the same accusations in the past where she had a similar case with her song “Black Diamond”, when it was linked with being familiar to Janet Jackson’s “Feedback”.

Fans have been very active on this subject saying: “Another one copied?”, “The melodies are almost identical”, “We’re both Japanese, but I can’t deny and protect her”, “Why copy k-pop out of all things?”. On the other end, some are supporting the singer: “Totally different”, “A bit of a stretch to say it’s plagiarized”.

Namie’s official reps are yet to comment or release any official statements on the accusations.

Source: KBS


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