Final miss A teaser released!

Soon to make their comeback with the album Touch, miss A have been releasing impressive teasers, the first being maknae Suzy’s on February 13th. Min’s was the last to be released, and it features the same dark, harpsichord-esque instrumental background, complemented by a gothic style in colour scheme. In her excitement, Min tweeted in English, saying: “The last teaser is out! Anddddd it’s me!! Yayyyyyyy”, clearly proud of the finished product.

In the teaser, Min is alternatively standing alone in a room filled with light streaming in through the windows, or attempting to hold on to the arm of a man. Seemingly pricking herself on the thorns of a potted rose bush, she then drops the plant. The teaser ends with JYP’s ever-present self-name dropping and a group shot.

Fans have commented not only on member Jia’s hair, which is now a dark colour that contrasts greatly to some of her previous hair colours such as white-blonde and ginger, but also Min’s new longer cut. Check out Min’s teaser here! Are you excited for miss A’s comeback?

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