EXO Showcase Promotional Video Released

Earlier, SM Entertainment announced that fresh faces EXO-K and EXO-M will be holding showcases prior to their April debut in China and Korea.

SM have now released the promotional video for the showcases so check it out:

Details of the Korean showcase and the online participation opportunity were also provided in the video description box:

– 일 시 : 2012년 3월 31일 (토) 17:00
– 장 소 : 서울 올림픽 공원 내 올림픽 홀

[ 온라인 참여 신청 방법 ] – 신청 대상 : EXO 에게 관심 있으신 분은 누구나 가능합니다.
– 신청 기간 : 3월 23일 (금) ~ 3월 28일 (수) 24:00
– 신청 내용 : 이름, 생년월일, 거주지역, 연락처, E-Mail
– 신청 URL : : http://www.smtown.com/event/EXOShowCase/

– Date and Time: 3rd March 2010 at 5pm
– Venue: Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park
– Organisers: S.M. ENTERTAINMENT

[How to apply for online participation] – Available for: It is available for anyone who is interested in EXO
– Application Period: Friday 23rd March to Wednesday 28th March (midnight)
– Application Contents: Name, Date of Birth, Address, Contact Number, E-Mail
– Application URL: http://www.smtown.com/event/EXOShowCase/


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