Embarrassing moment for Boyfriend’s Min Woo during live broadcast

Boyfriend’s Min Woo was subject to a rather embarrassing moment live on air.

“I’ll Be There”, it Boyfriend’s third digital single and they performed it live on Mnet’s music show M Countdown on December 8.

Min Woo’s trouser leg ripped apart as he was making a dance move of swinging his legs with his knees fixed on the floor. Immediately after it happened the show was taken off air but not before the video could circulated around the internet.

People who saw the video commented: “Min Woo seems to know how to calm down himself in every condition. He is quite a professional.” “He must have danced passionately to rip his trouser.” “He is so cute.”

Boyfriend’s performances included two other songs, Sechs Kiss’s “Couple” and “Not One, But Two,” from its third single.

Source: TV Report


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