CUBE releases MV for Hyuna’s Ice-cream


After the early release of 4Minute’s Hyuna’s new album “Melting” due to the unexpected leakage of the songs, CUBE has just released the MV to the title track: Ice cream.

With the teaser for “Ice-cream” already having a 15+ rating due to the bubble scene, fans suspect that the full MV may receive a 19+ rating and so does CUBE presumably so.

Earlier on CUBE has stated:

The music video has yet to come out, so we’re not sure what we are doing to do but we are considering giving the music video a 19+ rating. Despite the possible rating change, we will not be further editing the music video.

We may just have to wait to see what rating the MV does get, if any at all. Meanwhile check out the MV and judge how inappropriate it is for yourself.

 Oh and Hyuna also featured in PSY’s own MV for Gangnam style and guess who we also see in this MV.



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