CUBE releases BTOB’s official profile pictures

As well as releasing the video teaser to BTOB’s debut track earlier today, Cube also released the member’s official profile photos.

Originally, Cube announced that 5 of the 7 members of BTOB are in the sitcom ‘Living in Cheongdam-Dong’ acting as a idol group called ‘Invincible Cheongdam’, however many fans have realised that Minwoo is not actually in BTOB. Regardless, we hope that BTOB would have a successful future with many fans.

Look out for their debut on the 22nd March 2012!
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  1. .. i love born to beat and i am #1 fans of sungjae .. sungjae i love you so much .i want to meet you in person . .love you btob muAahH ..more blessing to come .. <3 .heee

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