CL’s ‘Smoking Photo’ Causes a Stir Amongst Fans

2NE1 leader CL posted a photo of herself smoking hookah

On 21st August 2013, 2NE1’s CL uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram holding a hookah pipe and smoke coming out of her mouth. The photo was posted without a caption, and had caused a few debates in the comments.

Hookah is shaped like a bowl with a tube. The heated air is passed through a tobacco mixture, then through a water heated chamber, through the pipe and into the user’s body. Contrary to popular myths, hookah is not safer than smoking cigarettes, and this might be the reason fans have started to argue.

We haven’t had any stories, or seen CL smoking in the past which could mean that this is a one off. 2NE1 fans have had split opinions, some positive and some negative.

Some people are saying that regardless if it’s safe or not, CL is a role model for young girls and by publicly posting this photo, she is sending the wrong message to her fans.

On the other hand, others are saying she’s free to do what she wants, to give her a break and to stop adding unnecessary pressure onto her.
Which side of the argument do you take on?


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