Clazziquai Project Release Fifth Album and MV for “Love Recipe”

Clazziquai Project love recipe
Clazziquai Project pre-released “Sweetest Name”, revealing to fans their first track off their new album. Today Clazziquai Project released the full music video for “Love Recipe” and their fifth studio album “Blessed”.

The new album contains 11 tracks and marks the end of their hiatus after three years as all three members Clazzi, Horan and Alex were tied up with individual activities.

The music video is below as well as the tracklist for the new album.

Tracklist for Blessed

01. Blessed
02. Sweetest Name
03. 러브 레시피
04. 그녀는 위대해
05. 함께라면 (Feat. 김진표)
06. Love Right
07. 꽃잎 같은 먼지가
08. Brown Gold Eyes
09. Like A Diamond
10. 사랑도 간다
11. 여전히


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