[CAFE] BTOB Behind Story :: Debut on SBS Inkigayo!

<BTOB Behind Story :: SBS Inkigayo>


-Wow ~~ bbooing bbooing Special aegyo~! Maknae Sungjae’s version of bbooing bbooing.
Which version do you prefer, Ilhoon and Minhyuk’s or Sungjae’s?^^ Hee-Hee


– At Inkigayo, many fans gave Sungjae letters to read, the maknae eagerly reading them all!


– The members playfully took pictures with the dolls they received as gifts^^
Everyone dakbing doll!!!!!!!


– Eunkwang sneaking Ilhoon’s doll onto maknae Sungjae’s shoulder whilst he was sleeping~!
The doll is still there on the sleeping Sungjae ㅠㅠ


– Today ‘Aegyo Changsub’ turned to ‘Dandy Changsub’ in a click >_<


– Before their live stage performance, Ilhoon posed for the camera whilst Hyunsik sneaked a look in Ilhoon’s shirt~~~~What did you see +_+ euheuheu


(+) Bonus

– The members taking pictures with the placards they were given^^

The members live off the love they receive from the fans~!!!

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