BTOB Behind Story :: First debut! M!Countdown

Extract from BTOB fan cafe:


This is Cube Entertainment.

This place is where BTOB member’s backstage selves, waiting room selves are revealed to fans little by little.

We’re hoping to reveal little by little the images of the BTOB members in the future so
as fans please show BTOB even more love~!!

Then, we shall show you a little bit of the first and today’s Behine Story from M!Countdown’s waiting room.

Since it was the first debut stage the boys were nervous, and it was a bit chaotic
but they did very well on the stage and came down but all the fans know that the members need more of your support, right?^^
If the fans send the BTOB members lots of love and support
we shall upload even more pictures for the Behine Story~!!^^

I wonder how they’ll look at tomorrow’s Music Bank..for those curious please support them diligently~~

Then, today’s Behine Story is being released!!!!

< BTOB Behine Story :: First debut! M!Countdown >

– The first time the boys’ are getting to see the Insane MV properly~!!!!
It’s cute watching them come together and being distracted by it ^^

– Where could you be looking?? Where could Changsub be looking at..What thoughts are you thinking….
Should we all guess together? Hehe

– After hearing the words take a picture, Hyunsik, without any hesitation touches his hair and slightly gives a smiles~~
Was it because he liked his hairstyle?^^ Does you fans like it?

Minhyuk, who is getting ready for the live-broadcast stage for IMAGINE~
Doesn’t he just give off the feeling/emotions~ of the song around him^^

(+) Bonus

This is a picture taken in order to show off that they received a bouquet of flowers from the fans.
The man holding the bouquet is just as radiant as his name Lim.Hyun.Sik !!! Clap Clap Clap !!!

Thank You.


SOURCE: Official Fan Cafe


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