BIGBANG performs their new song ‘LOVE DUST’ on YG ON AIR!

BIGBANG recently performed a live version of the track ‘Love dust’ from their newest album ‘ALIVE’ on ‘YG On Air’.
BIGBANG presents various special stages for “YG On Air – BIGBANG ALIVE” – one stage per day through Naver and YouTube!
These special stages were produced by YG through two versions; band version and performance version with the use of techno crain cameras as well as eight special effects cameras that are normally only used for producing music videos or movies. The first stage to hit the spotlight on March 20th was a band version of “Bad Boy”. Watch both their performance of ‘LOVE DUST’ and ‘BAD BOY – Band version’.

BIGBANG – ‘Love dust’:

BIGBANG – ‘Bad boy’ band version:

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