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– Leader Eunkwang-gun transformed from yesterday’s hair color to today’s different pink tone.
Anything neater can’t compare!! Yoohoo~~~

– A picture of Hyunshik-gun and Eunkwang-gun’s unknown pose.
After seeing this picture, from their smiling appearances you’d think they are cosplaying^^;;;;


– Peniel-gun taken with 4Minute Sunbaenim’s sent message card.
Peniel-gun may not understand what they’re trying to say…EVEN.SO. He sends thankful words.^^

– The maknae expected to drink Banana Milk, Sungjae-gun.
Drinking while looking forward and looking sideways there’s no bad angle(?), right?^^
The size of his face is smaller(?) than the Banana Milk…Everyone, what are your thoughts?

– Today in the Music Bank waiting room it was Banana Milk day…
Minhyuk-gun was also drinking Banana Milk~!!! kkayak~!!

– Maknae line Ilhoon-gun and Sungjae-gun capturing playful looks~!!!
Sungjae-gun just can’t see his hyung eye-to-eye..^^;;;

– Look at this picture again..Sungjae-gun looks like the maknae~~hehehe

For all BTOB fans we’re giving Ilhoon-gun as a gift.
Everyone please be happy with your received ‘Flower Ilhoon’~~^^

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