Brown Eyed Girls Miryo Releases First Solo Album Teasers

[ad#GA-468-text] Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo has released some stunning teaser photos as a pre-debut for her first solo album.

Miryo’s debut of her solo album is set to be on February 1. The new solo work will showcase her talent as a musician because Miryo wrote all the lyrics and produced the album.

Nega Network, on January 26, seperated the release of four photos of Miryo on SNS.

The teaser video below released on January 27 has a special appearance by SNSD’s Sunny, increasing the hype around the debut.

The teaser video appears to have a spy movie concept with Sunny staring a lot into the camera with a straight face. Fans are beginning to wonder what the connection is between Miryo’s debut and Sunny appearing in the teaser video.



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