Block B Speak Out About Thailand Controversy

Block B Thailand Controversy

Block B are making a strong showing ahead of their comeback stages. They want to make it clear to fans and critics that they are returning with a renewed heart and mature mind.

Blockbuster, was Block B’s first full length album recently released. Block B followed up the album release with a showcase at Seoul’s Ax-Hall on October 17.

During the press interview the members were keen to look back at their controversy from the Thailand interview which brought about widespread backlash.

It has been 8 months since the controversy, they commented, “During the past eight months, the members took time to self-reflect. And through that process we had a time to undergo a mature transformation. As such, this comeback is that much meaningful for each member. We want to really give our all to show a great appearance for our fans who have long waited for us.”

Block B’s U-Kwon added, “During the past eight months I took part in volunteer activities I had done before. As we had created such a problem before, I practiced with my all to show a mature growth musically.”

Block B leader Zico, who shaved his head as a mark of respect during the controversy said, “If we are to pick a theme for this album it’s ‘freedom’. When people usually refer to us they use terms like hip-hop idol but I’m slightly against this. We treat each and every day as it is according to our experiences. Our music genre too changes with our experiences. [For this album] we chose a concept of freedom and input a “pirate”-like appearance.”

The new album includes 12 tracks, led by single, Nillili Mambo.



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  1. I really wish them well with their comeback. I think they really thought about this and even if your an idol, your still human (something I think is often forgotten). We make mistakes. Block B fighting~!

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