Big Bang to Make Their Comeback in Summer

BigBang+a In Seoul 2
G-Dragon revealed during the “2014 Big Bang +A in Seoul” concert on January 26 that Big Bang will be making their comeback in summer.

This will come as a surprising event, since the boys have been promoting as soloists for quite some time. The last album release from Big Bang came in 2012.

GD said, “After debuting we held out first concert at this stadium, and nine years have passed since Back then, we toured around Korea and now we tour around the world. Much has changed but I feel like only our fans’ hearts are the same, so I am always happy,” before going on to thank fans for their support throughout the years.

BigBang+a In Seoul

He carried on to say, “While visiting various countries I feel like our family is getting bigger and bigger. That is why I’m very happy I feel sorry for our fans as well, and the way to make that feeling disappear is to release an album and show it to you first. We are preparing hard for it It will be this summer,”

“We debuted a long time ago, but we haven’t released many full-length albums We should probably work harder to release it fast.”

Big Bang played out three concerts from January 24 – 26 attracting an estimated 36,000 fans over the three days.

How excited are you for Big Bang’s comeback!


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