BIG BANG on “Healing Camp!”

BIG BANG recently had an appearance on SBS’s “Healing Camp” and fortunately for international VIPs this episode has been english subbed. It contains both G-Dragon as well as Daesung’s honest thoughts regarding their recent comeback after such a long hiatus as well as their sincere apologies to viewers and fans for their previous controversies in 2011.
[ad#GA-468-img-Jo] Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Thanks to BIG BANG, SBS’s “Healing Camp” managed to increase it’s ratings by 0.8% of which made it 7.2% nationwide.



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  1. I know its gonna take alot for him to forgive himself and he may not thats up to him. But i hope he knows that he isnt alone on this he has friends, family, YG family and most of all…the VIP’s BigBangs fans. LUV U Daesung Oppa :)!!!

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