BEAST’s ‘It’s Not Me’ Dance Practice Video Unveiled

After a year and a half, BEAST have made their return with their 5th mini album, ‘Midnight Sun’. Coming up to their return to the stage, the practice video for their title track, ‘It’s a Beautiful Night’, was released, gaining a positive reaction from fans. Today, Prepix’s Haw released the dance practice video for another track from the album, ‘It’s Not Me’. Watch it below:


This should in particular gain attention from fans and non-fans alike as the group’s main vocal Yang Yoseob in fact has a dance solo, instead of the group’s regular focal points for dance Lee Kikwang and Jang Hyunseung, giving Yoseob a chance to shine in another aspect other than singing.

Who’s looking forward to seeing Yoseob’s dance solo performed live?




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