BEAST Release Theme MV For Latest Single ‘I Knew It’

BEAST recently unleashed theme music video for their latest digital single, ‘I Knew It’. The video stars the group’s handsome maknae, Son Dongwoon! Watch the video below:



Despite the short length, we still get a grasp of Dongwoon’s intense acting skills! What does everyone think? Should he be cast for more roles in the future? The track will be exclusively performed for the very first time during their world wide tour.

In other news, BEAST are due to release their 2nd full length album later this year! They are also preparing to kick off their world wide tour, the ‘BEAUTIFUL SHOW’, which starts off in Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena on the 4th and 5th of February.



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  1. Beast i miss you so much,please release more song>_<
    I'll support you^_^ beast faighting!!! Fly so high-high..

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