B.A.P Himchan’s childhood photos revealed

Childhood photos of B.A.P’s Himchan has surfaced online, proving him to be very handsome even back then.

On May 10th, someone on an online community board posted the topic, “The History of Himchan,” and a collection of childhood photos of Himchan, as well as current photos, were posted. The photos ranged from when he was a baby to now.

A photo of Himchan prior to his debut in B.A.P was also posted, revealing him with light brown hair, in addition to the most recent photo of Himchan with dark black hair for B.A.P’s “Power” promotions.

Prior to his debut, Himchan became known as a “gukak ulzzang” as he graduated from the National Korean Traditional Music Junior High School and the National Korean Traditional Music High School. He is currently at student at the Korea National University of Arts.

Currently, he is promoting “Power” alongside the rest of his group, B.A.P.

Source: Newsen

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