IU’s “Spring at the Age of Twenty” Singles



IU finally released her single, “Spring at the Age of Twenty.” The single has a total of three tracks including her self-composed song, “Peach,” “Day’s End” and “Don’t Like Her.”

The lyrics for “Peach” was written by IU herself, with the triangle and recorder music also played by her. Guitar was done by Lee Jongmin. The track has been described as having a loveable feeling without having the “dark sounds revealing deep internal emotions in her previous songs.” The track has been named “Peach” due to IU’s love for the fruit and word, and “a nickname she wants to give to her lover to deliver the vibe she gets when pronouncing the word.”

Her title track, “Day’s End,” was composed by Baek Geuntae and Kim Dohoon, while the lyrics was written by Kim Ina. “Don’t Like her” is an R&B style track composed by Shim Eunji and written by Kim Eunji. IU previously released the music video teaser for, “Day’s End.”

All of these songs have a relaxed feel about it, with her soft tone and range of vocals these songs have a special feel which shows that her time writing these songs was not a waste…comment below to tell us what you think.

Check them out below!

01. 복숭아 (Peach)


02. 하루 끝 (Day’s End)

Because of copyright reasons, the video is muted but if you click on the channel (of the person that uploaded it) then you will be able to hear the song… Sorry for the inconvenience

03. 그 애 참 싫다 (Don’t Like Her)

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