Another Top CEO Involved in Sexual Assault Case

The Open World Entertainment scandal was unravelled this week in what was thought to be an isolated case. However another un-named company near Seoul’s Yeonnam-dong is reported to be involved in another sexual assault case.

A CEO from an entertainment agency, “Mr. Lee” (35), is claimed to have assaulted a a girl in her twenties after locking her in a recording studio.

The police said, “Ms. K” arrived at the agency for an audition, and was lured into a sealed recording studio booth, where the CEO was suspected to have said “Auditions are originally done this way”.

“Mr Lee” (35) told her to remove her clothes after she was sealed in the recording studio. “Ms. K” reported the incident to the police after only going to the studio for an audition. The police then raided the Yeonnam-dong office and immediately arrested the CEO.

“Mr. Lee” defended himself by stating that the woman had undressed herself in the studio and he denied the allegations that had been made by “Ms. K”.

Police are still investigating the case further.

Source: New Daily and Seoul News


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