All Eyes On Korea Festival – Kpop Contest

The Mayors Thames festival hosted every year since 1997 is one of the biggest outdoor festival and most dazzling events to take place in London. It attracts a wide range of audiences from all over the world and is a celebration of culture , creativity and inspiration.

This year hosted a special event for Korean culture and music by having an All Eyes on Korea Festival which would include comedy, traditional music, contemporary arts and crafts, a great selection of food and artist workshops all in front of Tate Modern forecourt from Saturday 8th- Sunday the 9th.

Another special event took place as All eyes on Korea festival presented us with their second kpop contest in which a large number of Kpop fans entered in hopes of winning the grand prize which included a trip to go to korea and performing at this years Kpop world festival. The entries were was slowly wittled down to 10 talented participants.

The Kpop contest was vibrant and alive with powerful dance performances from Hanuri dance team , showcasing their incredible dancing abilities to the avid audience. The participants showed amazing talent and an enthusiastic love for korean pop music. Kpopconcerts would like to say a huge weldone to the contestants who participated.

Rebecca & Beckie (2NE1 I Love You)
Joanna Mazyrkiewicz – (G.NA 2Hot)
Tita Lau – (Hyorin – I Choose To Love You)
LOKO – (Teentop – Be Ma Girl)
Katerina Novikova – (Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl)
Khendle Charles-Christie – (SHINee – Hello)
A-Class – (Miss A – Touch)
E. Clayton – (Yesung It Has To Be You)
SOULdiers – (2pm – I’ll Be Back)
Suzanne Broodbakker – (4minute Hyuna -Change)

Cherelle Thompson – On the Street (Last years winner)

After a riveting performance by all the participants, the winners had been chosen.

1st prize was going to korea to have a chance to perform at the K-pop World Festival : Tita Lau – (Hyorin – I Choose To Love You)
2nd prize was a Samsung Wifi camera : SOULdiers – (2pm – I’ll Be Back)
3rd prize was £100 voucher to spend at Kimchi (Korean restaurant) : Suzanne Broodbakker – (4minute Hyuna -Change)

A big Weldone and congratulations to the winners and all who participated.

Please check out the gallery for more of the finalists and particpants performances!
CR: Photography by SuMi

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