Ailee reveals “Heaven” MV

Ailee has been acclaimed by both those in the music industry and the general public for the “highest expectations for her debut”, boasting of a charisma that takes over the stage as well as top vocal and sensational rap skills. She is the hottest newcomer to the entertainment scene for 2012 as she has also started acting in the KBS drama series “Dream High 2” even before her official debut.  Her debut song “Heaven” is an R&B soul genre produced by Hwee Sung, composed by the newly rising composers Lee Ki and Suh Yong-Bae along with Hwee Sung, with the lyrics written by Hwee Sung.
Check out the MV!


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  1. The post title and tags have a typo… Aliee -> Ailee…
    Also… Most people know “Hwee Sung” as “Wheesung”.

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