Akdong Musician Releases MV for “Give Love”!


With their full album a big hit on various music charts and the duo already winning 1st place on music programs, Akdong Musician released their fun and adorable MV for “Give Love“!

This is their third released music video from their album, “Play“. The MV is a continuation of their last MV, “200%“, and portrays Lee Soo Hyun‘s one-sided love for her crush.

This time, Lee Soo Hyun befriends her crush’s girlfriend-like friend so that she could become closer to the boy. As she struggles yet again to intervene between the two, she find out that the boy and girl are actually brother and sister! She is relieved since she can now pursue her crush without hesitation, even sending a risky heart emoji to him. And…plot twist! Lee Chan Hyuk actually had a big crush on the boy’s sister! The cute MV ends the same way the MV for “200%” began, with a shy admirer hoping to get closer to their crush, only now with Lee Chan Hyuk as the admirer. These siblings cannot be any cuter!

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