Airport Fashion, Why so Important?


In Korea, both fans and stars are obsessed with “airport fashion”. Why? That’s because it’s a win-win situation.


A lot of fans try to copy the style of their favourite artists. Fans are used to seeing stars dressed up with their stage costumes and make up, which is very hard and perhaps expensive to copy.


However, through airport fashion, it is possible to see the artists’ more comfortable everyday look, which is a lot easier to copy. So from a fan’s point of view, although it is interesting to see the artist’s perfect style on stage, it is also nice to see the star’s normal look.


The k-pop stars can seem more friendly through airport clothing and appeal to the public in a different way. Also, as airports such as Incheon, in Korea, has a very big open space, the artists can be seen by a lot of people in a very short time. The fans give so much attention to the artists’ airport fashion, therefore, it is then very easy to promote clothing lines.


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